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We are surveying current attitudes towards workplace and work styles. Share your thoughts with us by answering the 15 simple questions in the unwork survey

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We are recruiting for three positions at the moment - project analyst, writer and researcher and EA - click here for more information and to apply.



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Publication of a new report on the future of the financial workplace

Unwork and DTZ are proud to announce the publication of their joint report on innovation in the banking sector. The Future of the Financial Workplace studies the future of work, workplace, property and workstyles in the financial services industry.

The launch event for the report took place on 30 September 2014 at the Gherkin. Video highlights of the event are available here:



Find out more about The Future of Financial Workplace report here. 

To find out more about how the future of the financial workplace will impact your business, please contact Luke Connoley. 


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Unwork with our partners Zurich Insurance Group and Sodexo are conducting an exciting major research initiative to look at the future of food in the workplace.

Our project will create a new, global perspective that investigates a broad agenda from the link of food to wellbeing, performance and health through to the interior design, provision and economics of food and drink in the modern workplace. It will build a body of knowledge from analysis, global case studies and data gathering to create a new vision for the future of food at work.

Our final report will be published in 2014. Click here for more information and to get involved with this exciting study.

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The Perils of Interruptions at Work

When was the last time that you did something, start to finish, without being interrupted? In today’s fast-paced, connected and globalised world, we’re nearly always being distracted by the ping of an email, a phone call, or someone hovering nearby with a burning question. In addition to being incredibly irritating, interruptions are impacting our ability […] Read more

The Future of Workplace Technology: Virtual Reality and other wearables.

Facebook made headlines earlier this year when it purchased virtual reality start up Oculus Rift for $2billion. Although Oculus Rift’s technology is initially intended for playing video games, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t shy about suggesting other use cases. ‘Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and […] Read more

Time to think on your feet

Standing up working has been receiving a large amount of media attention from various media outlets as a positive change in the way we work. There have been various historical figures that have advocated the benefits of standing up working, including the likes of Donald Rumsvelt, Ernst Hemmingway and Winston Churchill. With many modern knowledge […] Read more

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The Future of Work

We specialise in creating the business case for new ways of working, challenging the established patterns of work and enabling businesses to understand the opportunity from agile working and alternative ways to organise work.

We focus on all aspects of the future of work – where people, place and technology meet. We are particularly interested in activity based working (ABW), change management and understanding the technology enablers required.

We believe there are six key forces shaping the future of work, which we use to create a vision of the future of work for our clients:

(1) Demographics and intergenerational working
(2) Psychology and behaviour – company culture and workstyles
(3) Space – property and workplaces
(4) Technology
(5) Sustainability
(6) Travel and the city

We provide unrivalled knowledge of global innovation in work and the workplace.

We specialise in…

New Ways of Working, Activity Based Working, Disruptive Technology, Change Management, Agile working, Innovation


UNWIRED RESEARCH for Steljes D4 18 Apr 2010

Space to Work, New Office Design

by Philip Ross & Jeremy Myerson

The first comprehensive analysis of emerging office design practice to support and enhance the performance of knowledge workers. Featuring a wide range of international workplace architecture and interior schemes that are leading the way in this important area, set within a unique conceptual matrix that provides a framework for thinking about new strategies for reinventing office space.

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